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Concrete PVC Hurricane & Earthquake Resistant Housing • 20 Year Warranty

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#1 Selling Pre-Engineered

• 576 Sq. Ft. 2 Bedroom Kit
• PVCasa Wall Kit
• #4 Rebar for floor and walls 12” OC
• Pre-engineered steel trusses & purlins
• FG ceiling insulation
• PVC ceiling
• Exterior PVC doors
• Interior PVC doors
• Hurricane resistant louvre laminated glass windows & safety guard stainless steel screens

• PVC kitchen cabinets, sink & faucet
• Pedestal bathroom sink & faucet
• Rough plumbing package
• Finish plumbing package
• Rough electrical package
• Finish electrical package with LED’s
• Pre-approved plans
• Site plans are optional
• 3,000 psi concrete not included
• Labor not included

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Available Stocked Housing Kits

576 sq. ft. 2 bedroom Flat
720 sq. ft. 3 bedroom Flat
1,152 sq. ft. 3  bedroom 2 Story

Stocked in Puerto Rico
Average Kit Construction In Under Two Weeks

#1 Asked Question of PVC
Is it Safe?

Today, PVC production and processing is not a health hazard to workers or consumers. Consequently, PVC is used for various uses from medical equipment, engineered food packaging to the transport of potable drinking water. This has become a key building material since the early 1960’s for windows, doors, roofing and wall panels.

#2 Asked Question of PVC
Is it Fire Resistant?

Yes it is fire resistant. Like all other organic material used in building, including other plastic, wood, textiles etc., PVC products will melt when exposed to extreme fire. PVC products however are self extinguishing, if the ignition source is withdrawn the PVC will stop melting. The high chlorine content of PVC products have favorable  fire safety characteristics.  It is difficult to ignite, heat production is low and it will char (melt) rather then generate flaming.

#3 asked Question of PVC
Can I build my own Design?

If you can dream it and draw it, we can supply the PVC material for it. The reason for the model house kits is to create affordable housing with timely construction. Our material can also be used for existing structures, it can be applied with screws and or building adhesive to cover almost any flat or uneven surface you need to repair.

PVCasa Most Valuable Asset?
It Is A System!

When a house is delivered to a housing site, it is delivered in a 40 ft. container and set on the ground to be used as the work trailer and storage of housing material while under construction. The material is packed in the trailer in the order it is needed.  All materials are pre cut and ready for assembly. Concrete is not delivered in containers, we recommend using redi-mix concrete. When the house is finished the container is picked up.  

WHY PVCasa Material for Building & Construction of Homes and Commercial Buildings?

Hurricane Resistant • Seismic Resistant • Water Resistant • Mold Resistant • Termite Resistant

Our Material and Houses are designed to the following Provisions and Requirements:

International Building Code (IBC) 2009
Puerto Rico Building Code 2011 (2018 changes)
American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM)
Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRS)
American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
American Welding Society (AWS)
Steel Joist Institute (SJI) ( Latest Edition)
Steel Deck Institute (SDI)
Minimum Design Load for Buildings (ASCE 7-10)

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Windows • Doors • PVC Kitchen Cabinets • PVC Counter Tops • PVC Flooring • PVC Outdoor Decking • PVC Fencing • PVC Pergolas • PVC Roofing • Steel •  Trusses & Purlins

Our Pre-Engineered House Kits are Puerto Rican Engineered with Pre-Approved Building Plans Ready for Permitting of the Individual Site.

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PVC Tablets……………………………………………20 years
Windows & doors……………………………………1 year
Installation…………………………………………….1 year per installing dealer
All other product supplied……………………….90 days
All labor is 90 days from the installing dealer and or distributor

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