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Help A Family That Lost Their Home After Hurricane María

Puerto Rico,

I came to Puerto Rico 3 weeks after Maria, I could not believe the devastation.   I drove the entire island and saw first-hand what the people were enduring.  Then you listen to the news and hear it’s the peoples fault they are like this.  They were like this before Maria.  The politicians are corrupt.    You hear all this and yes, it is probably true in so many ways. The fact still remains people need help.

I ask myself, why is it like this here.  Same reason it is like it is everywhere else in the USA.  No one taking accountability for themselves, from government to the people.  

John Kennedy said, “Don’t ask what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.  

Growing up my Mother would always say to me and my 3 brothers and 3 sisters, God helps those who help themselves.  PVCasa wants to help those who want to help themselves. 

We are meeting so many people trying to help themselves, Money from Fema, Vouchers from HUD and loans from the SBA.  Yet they are falling short, either to rebuild their existing home or build a new one.  We at PVCasa are committed to helping these people.  Please join with us to help fellow Americans to recapture the Dream of America.  A Home they can call their own. We are looking for people and or organizations to help individuals with their donation going directly to the Family and Home they want to rebuild.

PVCasa has committed to Puerto Rico, we are opening a 22,000 sq ft Factory, Warehouse and Show Room in San Juan. We will within the next year employee over 100 hundred people.

We every year stop on 9/11 to remember the fallen of that day, 3,000 Americans died from that attack.  Will we remember 9/20 the same way.  It has been reported 6,000 people died from the attack of Maria.


Mark J. Fuerst
Managing Member



After Hurricane Maria Thousands of Families lost their homes. We created a unique house model that will prevent families losing their home again. With your donation you can hep families that need money to be able to complete their help or loan from FEMA, SBA or HUD to have a new and hurricane resistant home.

Teresa & William

Teresa & William



Martha & Her Son

Martha & Her Son



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